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Summary: The Operations Coordinator role is a vital part of our company's daily operations & ability to successfully deliver our products to our customers. This role allows our business to run smoothly, efficiently by blending tasks, project management, and creating and refining systems. 

How This Role is Measured: 
Things work and are completed on time. There is increased efficiency. There is clarity on project status, needs and tracking. Clients are dazzled & design projects produce results. The Principal Designer is dazzled and freed to focus on creative & business development endeavors. We’re meeting & exceeding goals as a company. 

Detail of Known Tasks:

  • Critical recurring & time sensitive tasks are completed on time or in advance. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Preparing proposals, POs and invoices

    • Submitting proposals & invoices to clients

    • Overseeing purchasing/procurement of deliverables

    • Overseeing project budgets & timelines

    • Coordinating & overseeing project furniture installations 

    • Communicating with vendors & trades

    • Preparing project status reports

    • Coordinating with vendors to rectify deficiencies in deliverables


  • Back-end Client & Project Support: Screening potential clients, onboarding new clients, continuous uploading of project documents to Client’s Dropbox, Wix and Google Docs folders.

  • set up & project tracking: Ensure all projects & tasks are listed in, assigned to correct team members, include dates & details, and have correct status listed. Actively reach out to team members to get status updates or missing information as needed. Progress reports as needed. This applies to projects, tasks and pipelines. 

  • Supporting Principal Designer in new projects, activities and tasks as needed.

  • Creating or expanding SOPs and workflows to automate recurring tasks.

An Ideal Candidate:

  • Driven to complete tasks and able to ‘figure things out’ when needed. 

  • Understand how the different parts of business are linked together and how they impact each other.  

  • ‘Gets’ our target client, their pain points, dreams and desires and how we can best serve them to produce their desired results

  • Is committed to everyone - Principal Designer, team, clients, customers, partners, guests, themselves - experiencing tremendous results and new levels of abundance with ease and freedom

  • Is able to predict what will be needed to successfully make a new project achieve the goals applied to it, as well as enjoy optimizing daily tasks to produce new results for customers. 

  • Is a self-starter able and able to work autonomously to bring new ideas and projects to life quickly. 

  • Able to manage up - aka mange the Principal Designer

  • Great at time management, self-management and communication. 

  • Flexible, Detail oriented, enthusiastic, thoughtful, grounded

Candidate Requirements:

  • Organized & detail oriented

  • Coachable 

  • Excited to learn new things, have big responsibilities & ownership

  • Project management experience

  • Google Sheets & Docs, etc. fluency

  • Able to create systems and make things more efficient

  • Self-starter and resourceful

  • Eager to be part of a team and make a significant contribution

  • Excited for each day to be different

  • Fluent in English

  • Must have car and valid CA drivers license 

  • Must be located within 1 hour driving distance to Los Angeles, CA (Office located in Northeast Los Angeles, 90041. Projects and vendors throughout LA county)

  • Access to high speed internet, computer and mobile phone

Job Title: Operations Coordinator
Reports To: Principal Designer 

Schedule: Full-Time
Starting at $25 per hour for up to 20 hours per week. Potential to grow to up to 30 hours per week in the future.  

Reimbursements: mileage to and from vendors and job sites
Location: Hybrid
 remote with occasional on-site required support (Los Angeles county)
Benefits: flexible hours, telecommuting, casual dress code, paid sick leave per CA


Let us know why you would be the perfect addition to our team. Make sure to attach your résumé alongside a short cover letter or 30 second introduction video highlighting why you are uniquely qualified. Interior design experience is NOT required for this position. Please specify if you interested in full-time or part-time work in your cover letter. 

To start your application process, email us at


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