Process & Services



TRUSTING SOMEONE to design your home can be scary, we know.

This is why PEID aspires to transparency in our highly personalized design process with EACH OF OUR CLIENTS.


Here’s how we work

PHASE one: Consultation & Assessment

Every fantastic adventure starts with a first step. We begin ours together with an intake questionnaire and discovery call to discuss your project and personal vision.

Walking together through your space or site, we’ll visualize and talk about design possibilities, drawing on Patrick’s expertise during a two-hour paid consultation to frame the project and its potential.

After deciding together on project scope and expectations, we’ll draw up a design proposal and agreement for design services.

Phase two: Conceptualization & Planning

Our Team will spend a few days walking potential subcontractors and tradesfolk through detailed tours on-site, as we begin receiving initial proposals and quotes for materials and labor.

Drawing on our network of trusted and talented artisans, we’ll begin sourcing furniture, textiles, fixtures, and finishes for your space. Our Team will create custom specifications, technical drawings, and floor plans.

The culmination of this concept phase is a client presentation with Patrick, outlining in precise detail the entirety of our design plan, including an estimated schedule to completion and pragmatic budget.

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Phase three: Implementation & Installation

After your design plan approval and first deposit, we’ll begin procuring furniture, decor, and design materials for your space. Any necessary on-site construction and renovation will commence.

We’ll work closely with our team of vendors and subcontractors to continuously refine your project’s schedule based on lead times of outstanding deliverables. You’ll regularly review together its progress and budget with Patrick.

As your space nears completion, we’ll strive to ensure on-time and on-budget installation, carefully, safely, and to agreed specifications.

Phase four: Refinements & Reveal

The final, and most rewarding, steps of our design journey see your space come together as a completed vision of your collaboration with Patrick.

Patrick will work with you and our Team to identify and polish any remaining touches, and deliver all final invoices and materials.

Upon completion we’ll present you with a project design binder for you to keep, full of important details like warranties, manuals, care instructions, paint colors and more.



Here’s how we can help


Residential Interior Design

The works. Complete personal design of your space, from conception and planning, through construction management, installation, and interior decoration.

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Residential Interior Decoration

The details. Create or reinterpret your space with furniture, decorative fixtures, lighting, and decor.


Kitchen & Bath Design

The form & function. From optimizing space layout and choosing sensible materials to creating technical drawings and managing contractors. We can streamline your kitchen or bath remodel.

Living Room.jpg

Styling & Art Consultation

The finishing touches. Maybe your space is furnished but you need artwork and accessories to harmonize with your existing decorated space. We can help!


Vacation Homes

The turnkey solution. Thoughtful, cozy design and decoration for easy, breezy, getaway homes. A seamless experience where you don’t lift a finger.


Screening Rooms & Recording Studios

The private creative space.


Custom Furniture

The showstoppers. We have over a decade of experience designing one-of-a-kind pieces created especially for your home by talented artisans here in Southern California.