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Elle Decor, “These Are The Top Kitchen Design Trends For 2019” Aug 26, 2019

Vintage Vibe — "We’ll continue to see traditional elements and forms in harmony with modern design in 2019. Think honed, natural stone, organic basalt tiles, hand-wrapped rattan furniture, and vintage-inspired fixtures and lighting."

–Patrick Ediger”


Elle Decor, “10 Teal Paint Colors That Top Designers Swoon Over” Mar 21, 2019

“Largo Teal — "This gorgeous tone of aquatic blue-green reminds me of Moroccan tile fountains, Caribbean shallow waters and vintage Palm Springs. Largo Teal is so full of life, and gives any space a sense of charm and adventure. I’d use this as a bold surprise burst of color on a front door, bathroom ceiling or Chinese Chippendale chair."

— Patrick Ediger, Patrick Ediger Interior Design


Rue Daily, “Six Designers Look Forward to 2019” Jan 7, 2019

"There’s been an incredible resurgence of smaller, independent makers and hand-crafters that’s ushering in an age of ‘Arts and Crafts Nouveau’, with an appreciation for local artisanship and naturally-derived materials. I used a fabulous example of this in a recent project, a bench by Peg Woodworking – it’s a fusion of modern Scandinavian design with traditional Native American weaving and it’s so, so gorgeous!"

— Patrick Ediger, Patrick Ediger Interior Design”


Elle Decor, “The Bathroom Trends to keep on Your Radar in 2019” Jan 7, 2019

“Big Impressions in Small Spaces — "Small spaces like powder rooms excel as a canvas for a singular, splashy statement. A high-contrast, large-scale wallpaper expands a small space and infuses it with an artful attitude."

– Patrick Ediger”


The Wall Street Journal, “Chesterfield Goal” Mar 16, 2019

“Use color to unite — "The Sofa possesses elements of seriousness but at heart is warm and cozy" said Los Angeles designer Patrick Ediger. To reference the table’s palette in a similar cozy way he suggested the Interchange Pillow from Ditto House. "The pillow has an obvious weave and texture to it with almost hand-loomed feel, recalling the handcrafted feel of the Chesterfield’s tufting," noted Ediger. “


Elle Decor, “These Are 2019’s Top Furniture Trends” Dec 20, 2018

“Luxe Headboards — "Imagine savoring sweet dreams at home nestled beneath sumptuous fabrics. Upholstering your headboard in jewel-toned velvet adds a touch of sophistication in the often subdued sanctuary of any bedroom."

— Patrick Ediger, Patrick Ediger Interior Design”


Rue Magazine, “Pacific Palisades Perfection” Sept 15, 2018

“The dutch door sets a delightful tone for the entire home,” Los Angeles designer Patrick Ediger says fondly. “It’s the perfect portal into the house.” We’re at a charming property located in Pacific Palisades, a seaside neighborhood that sits between the Santa Monica mountain range and the Pacific Ocean, It’s an idyllic, walkable community and, as Patrick tells is, “The graceful ease and breezy accessibility of the home reflects its location.”


Apartment Therapy, “What 12 Designers Learned From Their Moms About Decorating” May 13, 2018

“Good Design Takes Perseverance — "My eclectic taste as a designer stems from both my mom and my grandmother—and their never-give-up perseverance. My favorite story about my grandmother exemplifies her taste and her moxie. While out antiquing one day she spotted a beautifully hand-carved, pre-WWI grandfather clock by Bavarian clockmaker Lenzkirch. She knew she’d found a true heirloom and had to have it, coaxing the shopkeeper to help stuff it into the trunk of her Ford Fairlane after purchasing it for a song.”


Elle Decor, “35 Best Grey Paints According To Top Interior Designers” Mar 6, 2018

“Charleston Gray — "Hands down my favorite gray paint is Charleston Gray by Farrow & Ball. It’s a deep, sumptuous shade of gray that wraps you like a velvety fog. I use it when I’m trying to create intimacy in an oversized space, or warmth in small room with little natural light."

- Patrick Ediger, Patrick Ediger Interior Design”


California Home + Design, “Home Ace” Aug 1, 2017

“An interior designer’s home is their playground, a place where they can play and experiment with ideas. “That’s the blessing of doing your own space and being your own client,” says interior designer Patrick Ediger, whose client list includes Christina Aguilera, Cheryl Tiegs and Phil Jackson. “A lot of times when I work with a client, I’m honing their personality, their aesthetic, their taste. My home is very representative of not only me as a designer but it’s my literal atelier. I can take chances on and do things I wouldn’t do in anyone else’s home.”


House Beautiful, “The 20 Best White Paints, According to Top Interior Designers” Sept 20, 2016

“Acadia White by Benjamin Moore is my go-to Goldilocks. Not too warm, not too cool, but just right. It's the perfect creamy off-white.”

— Patrick Ediger”


Rue Daily, “Patrick Ediger And French American Wallpaper” Sept 2, 2016

“Los Angeles interior designer Patrick Ediger has long understood that what’s on the walls can make a room as much as what is inside of them. Early in his career Patrick was a custom wall painter, which lead to an interest in interior design. Now his custom wall patterns are available through his wallpaper company, French American Wallpaper.”


Elle Decor, “Before + After: A traditional Beach House Gets A Cosmopolitan Makeover” Feb 25, 2016

“Patrick Ediger creates a stylish and kid-friendly coastal home for a family of four. There's a fine line when it comes to decorating a beach house. While the design should reference the surrounding landscape, one palm tree or seashell motif too many can render the scheme kitschy and predictable”


Rue Daily, “Designer Trends for the New Year” Jan 14, 2016

“Your day-to-day accessories say more about you than anything and in 2016 the key to personal deign is accessorizing, say Los Angeles interior designer Patrick Ediger. Take your curated collections out of your drawers on onto your dresser tops.”



Elle Decor, “8 Home Items You Should Be Buying On The Cheap” Oct 8, 2015

“While there are certainly things in my house I'd never consider cheaping out on, I'd be hard-preseed to spend more than $10 or $12 on a dinner plate. Inevitably, dishes will be sacrificed to Hurricane Kiddo. Keep it simple: affordable, clean designs will showcase your culinary masterpieces, and multiple inexpensive sets in rotation will keep your dining table fresh and inviting year round”

— Patrick Ediger”


LCDQ Legends 2015, “The Window Transformations” May 4, 2015

“This film features a number of participating window designers, including Patrick Ediger Interior Design, discussing their showroom window transformations for the LCDQ Legends event in Los Angeles, whose May 2015 theme was 'Where Muses Dwell'.”



The Style Saloniste, “The Design Event of the Year: Legends 2015” May 4, 2015

“San Francisco designer Kendall Wilkinson will present her muse, Blondie, at the George Smith showroom, while interior designer Patrick Ediger edifies Marie Antoinette at the Gina Berschneider showroom.”



The Editor at Large, “Designers to reveal their muses at LCDQ Legends” April 22, 2015

“...among 60 designers chosen to outfit the windows of the La Cienega Design Quarter, addressing the theme 'Where Muses Dwell,' for the seventh annual LEGENDS event... the Gina Berschneider showroom will display interior designer Patrick Ediger’s interpretation of Marie Antoinette.”


People Magazine, “I'm Head Over Heels” February 5, 2008

“The [Osbournes'] former abode featured 'a mix of shabby chic and Gothic touches,' says celebrity interior designer Patrick Ediger. Then came Christina. After a lengthy remodeling (nicknamed Project Pop Royalty), the house now has moorish Moroccan-style interiors with pink and red in every room, some 30 chandeliers and a game room with pinball machines.”