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Designing where you belong. Your home should be as unique as you are—a sanctuary that mirrors your happiness on the brightest days and comforts you on your worst. It should be a reflection you, showing not only where you’ve been but where you’re headed. 

"I believe interior design should enhance every aspect of your life, from the functional and aesthetic to the unseen and spiritual. Your home is a sanctuary from the outside world."  - Patrick Ediger



Founder / Principal Designer

Patrick's passion for design began at a young age, springing from an education in Theatre Arts and blossoming into a nearly 20 year career in the Los Angeles interior design community.


Drawing inspiration from Southern California's iconic style and architecture, Patrick's work has become synonymous with livable sophistication, timeless beauty, and environmental consciousness, earning him a reputation as one of the top interior designers in Southern California.

Patrick's cool ease and expert vision have made him a trusted designer for professionals from every creative industry - from writers and showrunners to top executives and talent. His work has shaped the homes of pop icon Christina Aguilera, supermodel Cheryl Tiegs, and NBA legend Phil Jackson.

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